“Chapter 1 :Unframed (离)“

This is the first chapter of the project called “离, 合, 人间 “(unframed,framed,In dimension). The narrative is based on a virtual performance telling that in a certain frequency, each part of the body forms its own awareness. They see their physicality as a shield, trying to de-construct it.
Chapter one mainly uses images to experiment with two hypotheses.
One: Assuming that the head is the carrier of consciousness, and facial expressions and body are the tools for transmitting information, then when they lose their integrity, all expressions become invalid.

Two: If all body language and communication through linguistic are invalid, is there another medium that can communicate in human consciousness? Is it a frequency?

link: https://vimeo.com/623576271 descriptions: Project description:
[ 6’23”(loop) colour, sound, video installation]

Moving images are projected on the installation, which is composed of three groups of materials arranged in a row, and each group is made up of different materials overlapped as three layers.

Video size( per one): 1920:1080 25f/s
Material size( per one): 128 cm: 72cm

Material type:
Layer Two: Plastic LASERTULLE Layer Three: THINMIRROR

gallery link: https://v2.nl/archive/works/unframed