“Louder Louder”

Ideally, “Louder Louder” will be audio-visual live performance. For this project, I would like to collaborate with my Band “Enschatos”( Sound designer: Rik Van den heuvel. Vocalist: Sanamika). The Audio Visual has a basic storyline: A man experience two different world. One is called “present”, another one called “Past”. “Present” floats on the top of Ocean(Ocean at this point is metaphor of disconnection) while “past “ is lying on the bottom of Ocean. There is an elevator connecting those two world, and “this man “ would be inside most of time. Generally, The element of world “Present” mainly consists of abstract geometrical shapes with cold metal material, Neon lights, and distorted body movement…. Elements from “past”are related to broken sculptures, Paintings and etc. In the end, based on the genre of rhythm. those elements can be presented in an abstract way.

Technically, all elements will be created in the 3d programs Called cinema4d. before that, I need to record body movement and facial expression in order to making 3d sculpture in green screen room( In Piet Zwart institute, Rotterdam), then use two different program making it move and render. When all the visual image completed, we would think that how we represent it in the space with soundscape and how to make it interactive, it could end up being video mapping on the installation or mapping in the complete room.

I see this project as a further research of how we are struggling about this image world. In this chapter, The research is mainly focus on “the ubiquity of pastiche”. It’s about the “present”is saturated with “past” to the extent that the very distinction between the two has been eroded. Increasingly, we are induced into forgetting that what we are hearing and seeing is not new. Our expectations have been gradually but inexorably lowered. We enter into depressive time: It’s always been like this. It is more in line with anti-capitalist notions of the bodying lost in the image world, bouncing about without reference because past the seems more distinct and the present seems unreferential.