Transmedia Art installation
Audio visual performance
The Orange Tree Art Project

In collaboration with Rotterdam-based artist/researcher Dachen Bao, the artist embarks on a project centered around 'Wind, Water, Land, and Deconstructed Collective Identities.' Their motivation stems from a prior collaboration investigating 'Katendrecht's' historical significance in Rotterdam. This exploration delved into the past and present of Chinese immigration culture in Rotterdam and their homeland. The culmination of this research materialized in a land art presentation coupled with an audio-visual performance at 'The Orange Tree Art Project - TOT' in Rotterdam.

Presently, the focus shifts towards uncovering hidden narratives within Rotterdam's multicultural contexts, particularly emphasizing the cultural and social aspects of immigration. The coming year will witness an expansion of this research through diverse viewpoints. The plan is to move beyond archives, tapping into a diverse array of city data sources, integrating historical and contemporary information. The approach to public presentation will evolve, embracing a more performative style to engage a varied audience. They aim to fuse mixed media, diverse information sources, and fictional narratives to enrich their storytelling and enhance audience engagement.