“Inside Out”

Artist/ Art Derictor: Muxingye Chen
Performer: Rik Van den Heuvel
           Marco Daiz


Inside out is a dystopia multimedia project of Muxingye Chen. The work, a visualization of the artist’s thinking process in infinite possibilities, transforms in time and place. It is the developed piece from his previous art project Enter the Void, which is a short experimental CGI film that he made in 2019. During the Covid-19 lockdown, he became aware of the disconnection between physical body and mind, and reflects on how we got into this struggle.

Sun Mass is a new music group, at first especially formed for the Enter the void installation by Muxingye, but now continuing their work together. Based around the strongly beat driven, melancholic, electronic compositions of Rik van den Heuvel (a.k.a. PHOLE), Marco Diaz on percussion and the hypnotising compositions and persian influenced vocals of Sanamika they accompany the post-apocalyptic, society critical, animated visuals by Muxingye Chen. All brought together in a dynamic live act with a spacious mind-bending visual.